Creative Logos and Branding

This is one the most important keys to success for any sign writing project. And its something I encourage all my clients to give some serious attention to. The way you portray your business or organization to your market is critical.

You want to come across as being good at what you do. You definitely want to inspire confidence and trust in potential customers. However it goes much further than that.

Do you want to portray your business as one with great service?

Do you want to come across as a business that sells high quality products to customers who appreciate the finer things in life?

Do you want to show clients they can get great value when buying from you?

Colours are very important here. Different colours will convey different things to potential clients.

Some businesses want to make lots and lots of sales because their items might be slightly cheaper than their competitors. For these clients we might use colours like yellow and red because it conveys a sale or bargain.

Other businesses want to be more top end and project a high class image so we might use colours like blues and silvers because they convey quality and class.

One of the things we do for many of our clients is we design them a great logo. We will design them something that can work on a vehicle, on a T-shirt, on a letterhead, on a building and so on.

However a lot of the time we can play around with the logo and branding that a client already has and then show them some exciting new ways to use it to promote their business.

Here are a few logos we have designed for clients in the past.